Jessica Gomes Sings Stand By Me

from Fitzy and Wippa: Jessica Gomes told Fitzy & Wippa last time she was in that her go to karaoke song is 'Stand By Me'. Fitzy & Wippa set up a karaoke bar in the boardroom for Jess to belt out her tune. Watch the hilarious video. She was such a good sport!

Gomes has a blog called Jess Off Duty, and in her ABOUT section it states, Gomes’ career started when her mother sent her to modelling classes at Linda-Ann Model Academy in Perth at the age of 13 where a modeling contest led to the start of her career. In 2004, she signed with an international modeling agency after moving to New York City. She has done extensive work in most of Asia’s major markets — including Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. Before Gomes began modeling in Midland, she appeared as an extra at age 10 on the Australian miniseries Bush Patrol.



Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes

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