75 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

75 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog
By Anthony Lloyd

Copyright 2007

Hey, these aren't easy but they will work.

1. Get a link from The Drudge Report
2. Have CNN do a report on your blog
3. Have Fox News do a report on your blog
4. Get a link from The New York Times
5. Do a skanky video on YouTube or Liveleak with your URL pasted throughout it. Women Only. Hot women only.
6. Tell 100,000 of your bestest friends to visit your blog every hour.
7. Be a feature story in USA Today
8. Write good content.
9. Post lots and lots and lots of naked pictures of yourself or other people. Women only. Hot women only.
10. Have an American Idol contestant wear a tee-shirt with your URL.
11. Get a link from the Wall Street Journal.
12. Get the president to wear a tee shirt with your URL
13. Submit your blog to every search engine known to mankind. Every stinking one of them.
14. Post an article everyday.
15. Sell a screenplay to a movie producer, have the movie produced, get a byline for the movie and then start screenwriter's blog.
16. Become a billionaire and then start a blog.
17. Call every talk radio show in the world (IN THE WORLD) and try to mention your blog name.
18. Become a celebrity assistant and then start a blog.
19. Change your keywords.
20. Write a million selling novel and then start a blog.
21. Become an international known celebutante and start a blog.
22. Write 1000 different blogs and interlink them for SEO.
23. Sky write your blog name is the top ten major media markets.
24. Write an article with titles like "100 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic."
25. Join Technorati.
26. Look at the top searched words at sites such as Alexa, YouTube and Technorati and write blog articles around those words.
27. Try out for any professional sports team and blog about that.
28. Have I mentioned how nudity increases blog traffic yet?
29. Borrow a million dollars from the bank, buy lots of advertising on sites such as Yahoo, Google and Facebook and watch the traffic explode.
30. Walk down the street naked with your URL painted on your body.
31. Get a link from SFgate.
32. Get Alec Baldwin to mention your URL in one of his crazed rants against his daugther.33. Have MSNBC do a report on your blog.
34. Have Alex Rodriguez wear a wrist band with your URL.
35. Pay somebody to name their child after your blog and tell your local news.

36. Get your blog mentioned on Wheel of Fortune.
37. Get your blog mentioned on ABC NEWS.
38. Get your blog mentioned in a major motion picture like Firewall.
39. Get your blog on the front page of Digg.
40. Get your blog on the front page of Del.icio.us.
41. Have your local DJ mention your blog several times during their radio show.
42. Get your blog mentioned on NBC NEWS.
43. Get your blog mentioned on 60 Minutes
44. Get your blog mentioned on Dateline NBC.
45. Visit over 100,000 people and ask them to visit your blog.
46. Pay people to visit your blog.
47. Write a blog about how great tasting Pepsi is (or any soft drink or food).
48. Ask an Oscar nominated actor or actress to wear a shirt with your URL on it at the Academy Awards ceremony.
49. List your blog name as one of the keywords when you submit videos to YouTube.
50. Ask a NASCAR driver to paint your URL on one their cars.
51. Sex sells.
52. Appear before Congress in a tee shirt with your URL on it.
53. Run the Boston marathon in a tee shirt with your URL on it.
54. Run for president (or any political office) and blog about it.
55. Have your URL tattooed on your forehead and get very social.
56. Leave relevant comments on EVERY blog known to man. EVERY STINKING ONE OF THEM.
57. Get in a crowd shot on shows like Today or American Idol wearing a tee shirt with your URL on it.
58. Legally change your name to the name of your URL and tell the local newspaper.
59. "Accidentally" call 100,000 people and say, for example,"Is this Vloghog.blogspot.com?"
60. Stand at a busy highway with a sign with your URL on it in bright colors everyday for four hours a day.
61. Have Oprah do a segment on you and your blog.
62. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper everyday until a couple run. Sign with your blog URL.
63. Buy an NFL team and start a blog.
64. Buy a Major League Baseball Team and start a blog.
65. Get yourself in shape and join a sports team and start a blog.
66. Have Google put a link to your blog on their homepage.
67. Sell something rare and expensive on E-Bay and include your blog URL on the item.
68. Invent something that helps millions of people and blog about it.
69. Go on Deal Or No Deal or any game show wear a tee shirt with your blog URL and then blog about it.
70. Have Yahoo! put a link to your blog on their homepage.
71. Make a movie about your blog and put it on YouTube.
72. Break a Guinness Book World Record (like eating the most Beenie Weenies in an hour) and blog about it.
73. Get a link from the Chicago Tribune.
74. Write good content.
75. Some say showing nudity increases blog traffic.

If you do some of these your traffic will increase. If you do all of these, you could only be God. Good luck and have lots of success. If this works, don't forget to let the world know that you swiped the idea from VlogHog.

Yes, this is a parody list. Relax.


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