Court Your YouTube Subscribers To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Court Your YouTube Subscribers To Boost Your Blog Traffic

by Anthony Lloyd
copyright 2007

Imagine having a top YouTube channel with videos that get hundreds of thousands of views, multiple honors and thousands of links. YouTube makes money, Google makes money and you get the honor of working without getting paid. No, it doesn't have to be this way. If you have a successful channel at YouTube, take advantage of the opportunity. Drive that traffic to your blog.
The best method of driving traffic to your blog is to engage your subscribers at YouTube.

YouTube allows viewers to subscribe to anyone's video channel. If you make or post content to the site, people can and will subscribe if it is popular. For example, HappySlip is a very popular channel at YouTube. If you followed the link there, you will see that Christine, the channel owner, has over 50,000 subscribers to her videos. Imagine if you owned that channel and 1% of that traffic went to your blog everyday? That's 500 visitors a day. Now, I'm sure HappySlip gets more than 1% of her subscribers to her website. (Here is HappySlip's website ranking) You could do the same.

To keep subscribers flowing to your blog, you could make exclusive videos only seen there. YouTube gives you the choice of publicly distributing your video or privately distributing. Of course, they suggest you do it publicly because its posted on their site and they want the eyeballs. I suggest a mix of both. Post video exclusives at your blog and public premieres at YouTube.

Now, what if you only have 100 or less subscribers? Does this apply? Yes, if you have the content, time and talent that list will grow. It doesn't happen overnight . You've got to sow whatever subscribers you have to reap the benefits later. 100 visitors to your blog beats zero everyday.

Courting subscribers at YouTube is an important tool in boosting your blog traffic. E-mail them, tell them of your exclusive product at your blog and love them because they are the reason you will be successful.


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