Woman Tries To Buy $100, 000 Worth Of I-Phones

First, I will never understand people who stands in line to buy the latest X-Box, Madden games or I-Phone. It won't be there the next day? The next week? Or the next month? It's keeping up with the Jones' to the extreme.

The woman in this video tries buy $100,000 worth of I-Phones. $100,000. She actually has $100,000 cash on hand. Why would anyone want that many I-Phones? I imagine to sell them to idiots, I mean consumers, at a higher price on E-Bay or at a yard sale or something.

Some reading this might ask, "Wouldn't you buy an I-Phone if you could?" or might ask, "Don't you have a real job?" Maybe I would buy one but the point I want to make is this news report makes the woman seem like the odd one out and not the people who waited all night for a $600 cell phone, mp3 player and Internet device.

You make the call.

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