Increase Your Blog Traffic With YouTube

Increase Your Blog Traffic With YouTube
by Anthony Lloyd
copyright 2007

YouTube is an underdeveloped tool for most bloggers. Everyday thousands of potential visitors to your blog are passing you by. Vlog Hog isn't exactly The Drudge Report with 15 million visitors a day. Still, I started this blog in early March 2007 and have generated 900 plus visitors with 1500 plus page views. This traffic increase is due mainly to YouTube.

Bloggers, YouTube is free (for now). Take advantage of it! Bust out that digital camera and get to work. Film, edit and submit to YouTube. These are five steps that helped me increase my blog traffic with YouTube. Maybe they will help you. You are allowed 100 megabytes with each YouTube submission with an endless amount of uploads allowed. Use it.

1. When you make your productions, put your blog name at the beginning, middle and end. Put it throughout your video if you want. This is free advertising for your blog. Get your blog name out there. Even if the video only gets a thousand or so views, that's 1 to 1000 potential visitors to your site. One of those viewers could have a high traffic site and decide to post your video and then watch your views and blog traffic explode.

2. You don't have to post videos to YouTube. Post pictures, audio, slide shows or anything that fits the YouTube format. Just remember to brand your name on all of your productions. If it is popular, people will link your video from their blog, website or e-mail account. And popular is relative. All it takes is one webmaster of a high traffic site to like your Oscar worthy creation. It's the world wide web with billions of potential viewers. Don't be scared if your video isn't associated with the fad of the day. Do what you like.

3. Make your blog name your YouTube name. The name of this blog is Vlog Hog. My YouTube name? Vloghog. Now, if someone Googles Vlog Hog they get this. Google owns YouTube so your blog will be indexed in their search engine much faster if it is associated with YouTube. What if you have a YouTube account under a different name? Change it or open a new account. Fortunately,(or unfortunately some might say) all you need to open a YouTube account is a valid e-mail address.

4. Make your blog name and YouTube name one of the keywords of your submitted videos. When you submit a video to YouTube, you must type in keywords. For instance, if you make a cooking video, two of your keywords might be Food Network. This allows the YouTube search engine to find your video and maybe place it along side of a Rachael Ray video. But, make your blog name a keyword also. Remember, Google owns YouTube. Your Google blog ranking will increase with the use of your blog name as a keyword. Mine did. When someone Googles Vlog Hog using Google video they get this or if they Google vloghog (one word) they get this. Notice that my blog url is under each video title in the Google video search and there are twenty plus pages when you Google vloghog. Make your blog name one of your keywords of your video.

5. Put your blog url in the description of your YouTube video. Notice how I have done it here. Type out the full url beginning with http:// Putting your blog url in the description of your video also helps in blog search engines such as Technorati which ranks blogs according to how many links your blog receives. Click my site meter and see how many referrals I get from YouTube alone. It is right above where it says Since March 13, 2007. This works.

As I have said, Vlog Hog isn't Yahoo in terms of traffic. However, my Vlog Hog YouTube Channel has over 400,000 views since its creation on March 10, 2007. Everyday. Every hour. Every minute I devise methods of getting that traffic here. Your content might be ten times better than mine and get ten times the results. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you increase your blog traffic.


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