Store Stuff Part Two Brought To You By Revver

It's time to quit my job, plant my ass onto my seat and continue to upload videos because I'm now making money from Revver.

Revver is a video hosting site like YouTube except they pay people for their videos. If someone clicks the video and watches it all the way through and then clicks the ad at the end, the creator of the video makes money. Of course, you can't upload the latest episode of American Idol and expect to get money. First, the people at Revver look at everything you upload. Second, you have to make original content. Finally, who watches American Idol anyway? The ratings are down. Only 50 million people are watching instead of 50.5. Weak ass show.

From now on, Vlog Hog features such as "Store Stuff" and "Would You Wear That?" will be featured exclusively at Revver. Earlier today, I e-mailed the president of Revver to inform him of this and I immediately received a cease and desist letter overnight through Fed-Ex. Sorry ass lame.

Still, I'm making some loot with Revver. This is a new chapter in my life. 25 cents may not sound like much to you but it's the beginning of the my new financial empire. I guess.


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