Maria Sharapova On Display

This slide show created by VlogHog features Maria Sharapova , owner of millions of dollars and long legs. It's no secret that if you're in the public eye and you're good looking, you're going to get a lot of media coverage. No fugly need apply. Sharapova, a six foot blonde tennis player, gets lots of media coverage. This no less true on YouTube.

This slide show has over 10,000 views and growing at YouTube. People like looking at good looking women. Correction, men like looking at good looking women. (Some women do too.) If you're a good looking women blogger and post videos at YouTube, you're guaranteed to have a traffic boost. You might not want to spend two seconds with your new visitors but your traffic will increase. Is it fair? Of course, it's not fair. It's life.

What does any of this have to do with Maria Sharapova, the multi-million dollar, long legged goddess? Absolutely nothing.

The song in this masterpiece is called "Onslaught" (BMI) and was composed by me about six years ago with Acid Pro software. It and all of my compositions will be available soon for download. Hey, I do it all at VlogHog.

There's a reason why I don't feature myself on my videos.

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