A VlogHog Warning

A VlogHog Warning
by VlogHog

Hey, it happens. Sometimes. Sometimes. Sometimes when I post a video that is linked to YouTube, that video will be taken down. You'll either get this message: This video is no longer available or The owner of this video wants you to view it at YouTube.

Sometimes the video will be taken down by the owner but most of the times, especially if it violates copyright law, YouTube will take down the video. An example is the Beyonce Falls Down video. Recently, I posted a link to it at YouTube and within an hour Sony BMG calls for it to come down. Hey, it happens.

My suggestion is to find another video in the VlogHog video archives and view it or keep coming back to this page until I find a version of the video that I can post. I am in the process of taking all broken links at this site and replacing them with so fresh and clean links. The bottom line: NEVER LEAVE THIS PAGE EVER. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. EVER.

That is all.

Don't leave.

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