Three Idiots Play In A Hurricane On Video

At VlogHog, entertaining videos are highly appreciated. So if you and a couple of your friends film yourselves acting a fool in a hurricane, I'll post it and thank you later. You're stupid as hell but it's all in the name of attention.

In this video, originally posted by SGT__USMC at LiveLeak, three future senators decide it would be the bomb if they filmed themselves on the beach during a hurricane. Watch the wind. Watch the waves. Watch the wipeout.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to fly a kite during a tornado. I imagined that it would be able to go all the way to moon because of the high winds. During every tornado warning, I wanted to grab a kite and go out and let it out. Of course, my parents wouldn't let me anywhere near the door. So it was off the bathroom to curl up in the bathtub with my brothers and sisters. Dammit.

Maybe these dudes are on to something.

VlogHog: All the wind ya need.

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