Watch As People Get Injected With Botox

To be honest, I have nothing against plastic surgery. Nothing. Everybody has something about them they want to remix. Everybody. For me,  I need a personality change and as soon as science comes up with a personality change procedure, I'm there.

Still, the act of Botox injections bugs me. First, Botox is derived from the botulism bacteria or the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. After all that crap that we heard about how to avoid botulism, now we have people who purposely inject themselves with it.

Remember botulism? As the toxin spreads from botulism, muscles become weak all over. Many people feel queasy and may throw up or have diarrhea. Other symptoms can include:

difficulty swallowing
difficulty speaking
droopy eyelids
double or blurred vision
trouble breathing

I guess making you look fabulous is implied.

The other reason Botox bugs me is, after a while most women (and some men) who inject it start to look like Rocky from the movie Mask (not to be confused with Jim Carrey's The Mask).  Now that I think about, maybe the Jim Carrey character comparsion is not too far out there.

All I'm asking is, "Is there a better way?" There has to be a better way. Hey, I'm just a blogger what do I know.

VlogHog:Making You Feel Young.

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