Erin Andrews & The People Who Hate Her

It's time for people in sports media to realize that professional sports reporting ain't that deep. I'm sorry to break the news. With basic knowledge and the ability to write well, anyone can be a sports reporter. Anyone. It's not on the same level of general news which is why it's on the ass end of most local news. Rarely does a sports story lead the local news or headline a newspaper.  However, being a sports personality takes on different responsibilities.

No doubt, Ms. Andrews works hard in the high stakes world of television where one mistake can brand you for life. The stress alone will wilt most people.

As you may or may not know, Erin Andrews (pictured to the right), reporter for ESPN, had her privacy violated when someone videotaped her, through a peephole, walking nude in some hotel room. The video has been circulating the Internet for months and she had threatened to sue the bum who filmed her without permission.  Allegedly, the bum was trying to sell this video to the TMZ.

The bum, named Michael David Barrett, was sentenced to 27 months in prison after pleading guilty to interstate stalking in March of 2010.---added by vloghog 2010

This has given haters of Andrews an avenue to spout off yet again about how she is only popular because of her looks and not her talent. They talk about how she's not a real sports journalist. They talk about how she has gotten ahead because of body.

Without doubt, many commenting on this saga will inevitably say that she brought this on herself for flaunting her sexuality. In fact, Christine Brennan, columnist for USA Today posted on her Twitter account, "Women sports journalists need to be smart and not play to the frat house. There are tons of nuts out there. The Erin Andrews incident is bad, but to add perspective: there are 100s of women sports journalists who have never had this happen to them."

When did someone appoint Christine Brennan queen of all female sports reporters?

Yeah, Erin Andrews got some breaks because of her looks. Shocker! Stop the presses! Mothers mind your skirts! ESPN is a television network that has a large male viewership and many of those men love to look at her and other hot woman.( Fox News figured this out a long time ago.) The way this peephole story gained national attention proves how popular she is.

Of course she dresses to be seen and not heard because she's on television! As hard as it is to believe, some people get paid six or seven figures a year for looking good on television while doing much much much less than Andrews.  Ask Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune.

Do the haters of Andrews have the same type of scorn for someone like Jon Gruden, former NFL head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs, who will get the Monday Night Football announcing gig without ANY type of broadcast experience?

What kind of questions can Andrews (or any sideline reporter) ask in one minute of a football game that hasn't been asked a billion times? People act as if other ESPN reporters ask hard hitting relevant questions to athletes. For the most part, they don't. Well, not to their faces? Why? They don't want to get shut out of the hot interviews. So, they usually pepper athletes with softball questions. Andrews isn't the only one guilty of occasionally pandering to athletes. Not by a long shot.

It's obvious to me that some are jealous of Andrews when their arguments against her lack any real substance.

My post is a response to this blog post from Chicago Now:
Wherein I Defend A Naked Erin Andrews---Sigh--- A League of Her Own

VIDEO: Erin Andrews on The Big Idea (CNBC)



Meili said...

Oh that is nice, the voice of reason for once.

Jim said...

You article might be more convincing if you actually posted a picture of Erin Andrews, but instead you posted a picture of Shana Hiatt, DUH!!!
You obviously chose a photo of someone who is posing sexier than Erin Andrew would do to do her job, shame on you. Based on your shotty reporting efforts to do your research and show any skills that a real reporter would do, I'll have to subtract -75% from your argument. Funny that you used a sexy picture of someone else to sell your position, it make you a bit of a hypocrite. I have to say your compassion for the victim in this whole ordeal makes you out to be a bit of an jackass.

VlogHog said...

You didn't notice any of my misspelled words, Jim? Plus, I'm not a reporter.

Anonymous said...

erin andrews is only there because of her looks nothing else!!!! she is no different than any other wanna be professional who goes in telling themselves that they are deserving of a job knowing that they go into an interview to be judged on their looks, ESPN just like anyone else know sex sells and I thoroughly doubt they said, "here is a woman who knows sports"! They picked here for one reason and one reason Only because sex is what get ratings!!!!! So Erin need not think that she is a talent or even someone who has a voice within any sports arena, she is a girl who flaunts herself to get ahead peirod!!!

Anonymous said...

Erin is a no talent tha ESPN has recognized could pull market share! she is no different than the Kardashians or any otther no name non talent who uses their looks to advance their social position

vloghog said...

If Erin Andrews "pulls market share" then she proves her worth. Talent has nothing to do with being on television or there would be no reality shows. Ratings are all that matters. Period. Good ratings means higher revenues for ESPN and Disney.

It's a business.

Anonymous said...

I gotta believe that the SKANK
(Erin Andrews) by name, not only took her peeping Tom to court but the National Football League as well. I have read on-line that part of her lawsuit settlement was that she would receive a high visable job with the NFL. She didn't get her job with Howie and Terry B. becasue of talent or her looks. She got the job because it was a court ordered stipulation in her legal settlement with the league
Erin "I'm a SKANK" Andrews