Adriana Lima in the Miracle Bra

What can I tell you? I like Adriana Lima. If you have been following VlogHog since day one, you would see that I do a lot of stories on the Victoria's Secret model. She and Tyra Banks may be the two most covered women in the VlogHog archives. Go and look. I dare ya.

In the video below, you go behind the scenes with Lima and the Miracle Bra. What miracles does this bra perform? Do you really care? It's a hot woman in a bra.

Thanks to the Victoria's Secret channel at YouTube for producing this video. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

(Hey, I got it in HD now --- VlogHog 2010)



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VlogHog said...

Adriana Lima is married now. So, she's off the market. So, you can all stop watching this video and stuff. She's married. It's over.