Woman Tries To Sell Her Virginity Online

CNN did a report on a young woman who is trying to sell her virginity online. Seriously. I can't make this stuff up.

Sacramento State grad Natalie Dylan is the 22 year-old enterprising woman featured in the video below. She is selling...wait...I can't continue to type this. CNN actually did a report on this? All the money I'm spending to get people to visit this blog and CNN does a report on an escort?

We got a recession, several hurricanes, a failing stock market but CNN does a report on a prostitute?

Well, this video features Natalie Dylan and her quest to enter grad school. You ever heard of a student loan, Nat?

This was a serious story on CNN. Plus, according to Fox News, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Yeah, I'm hating.

Total sellout


Nathan Blazek said...

I bid on it andshe offered me the 2nd chance offer. Talk about the bait and switch...I was disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Where's the link? I want her :)
Seriously, she got way too much attention. What about the thousands of hookers selling themselves right now? Why is she so special?

VlogHog said...

Just Google Natalie Dylan.

Rob said...