What Is VlogHog Part Two

VlogHog is dedicated to finding or producing the most talked about and up and coming video on the net. Therefore, I post video I find appealing, weird, sensational or disgusting. Whatever video can hold an audience, I want it here.

There are thousands of boring videos on the net. Thousands? Check that. Millions. Trust me. I've seen most of them. VlogHog is an entertainment and news site that attempts to weed out the worst.

At the very least there will be something interesting at this vlog. Sensationalism? I only post things that catch my attention. Videos I like. Videos that are interesting to me and not what I think others will like. Therefore, I believe I can grow an audience because I believe there are millions of people like me around the world. (Actually, that's kind of scary.)

Do you have an interesting. video at YouTube, Metacafe, LiveLeak or Revver? E-mail me and let me know. If it fits the VlogHog profile, I'll post it. What's the VlogHog profile? Search the archives and see what kind of videos are posted and then suggest like minded videos. It's that easy, y'all.

If you like what you see, please, tell all or your friends, loved ones, co-workers, girls on the side, men on the side, drug dealers, teachers, dogs, cats and children about this site. (Your adult children.) Bookmark it. Link to it. Write about it and your e-mails. VlogHog is your Internet friend.

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