Megan Fox Talks About Dating Rumors

Megan Fox ,star of Whore, recently discussed dating rumors concerning her and Transformers 2 co-star Shia something or other.

Thanks to the Associated Press for posting this video at YouTube and to Fox for being so open...with her feelings and all.

According to reports across the Internets, Transformers 2 has made over 400 million dollars in the USA alone as of August 18, 2009. 400 million. That is a lot of cheese. Imagine if it had good reviews.

Are you people that desperate for entertainment? Is this recession that mind blowing? Is Megan Fox that hot?

Well, maybe she is.


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Atomic Lib Smasher said...

She's a moron that happens to have a nice rack. That is all. Once those lunch trays go sweeping the floor before she walks on it, she's not gonna get much press or movie roles for her... brain.