Teacher Crystal Defanti Mails Her Sex Tape To 5th Graders

Don't you hate it when you accidentally send your sex tape to children? Man, how many times have you done that? None? I didn't think so but the teacher(named Crystal Defanti) in the video below apparently doesn't have our good sense.

5th grade students at Isabelle Elementary, located in Sacramento, California, were shocked when a DVD that highlighted various activities over the school year also featured their teacher having sex on a couch with her boyfriend. Defanti created the DVD and mailed it to the parents of the students and claims it was an accident.

Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.

Thanks to bellava at LiveLeak for posting this video.

This has to be one of the funniest news video I've ever seen and I've seen a lot. From the parent describing the video to the fuzzed out portions of Defanti having sex shown repeatedly by the local news that's too graphic but we're going keep showing it anyways.



Roldan Quill said...

Hahaha! Funny stuff...I pity the kid though. Too young to know those stuff

Jess said...

wow, that's just not right

Jess said...

wow...thats just not right

VlogHog aka Anthony said...

This teacher must of had her sex tape and the school year wrap-up on the same software.

Unless she was high while editing it, she had to have noticed.

But what do I know, I'm just a blogger.

sexyyyyy said...

hehehe,, i like that

kaslammed said...

that scene is relatively mild, and with the concealment fuzz, it's up to your imagination. i got the impression that she was "pleasuring herself" , nobody else involved. mild, but not good for the kids.