Florida Couple Pay $155,000 For Cloned Dog

It's not a recession if you're rich. To prove this point, a Florida couple has decided to pay $155,000 for a cloned dog. Hey, they're dog people.

Now, if you had an extra $155,000 to clone your dog, you would do it. Don't lie to me! You know you would do it! Maybe.

The dog is a clone of the couple's dog named Sir Lancelot who died in January 08. Well, that's what the company told them after the $155,000 check cleared.

To to jdischord at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Remember, it's not a recession if you're rich.



VlogHog said...

Wouldn't it have been cheaper to buy a dog that looked just like it?

Erik said...

They feel special because they have a cloned dog? Wow.