Video of President Obama Calling Kanye West A Jackass

In the video below, you will see President Obama calling Kanye West a jackass for interrupting Taylor Swift's accept speech at the MTV Awards.
For those who don't know, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for best female video at The MTV Awards. He believed that Beyonce should of won the award. The posted video shows President Obama's reaction to the event.

Thanks to wet501 at LiveLeak for posting this video from CNN.

This was IMHO a publicity stunt for Kanye that went waaaaaaaaay wrong.



Vickie said...

Oh lol there's a video of it now? I've only heard the audio file.

Thanks to this, though, Taylor Swift received a lot more attention than winning the award would otherwise bring her!

Ty said...

Wow! I think Kanye is a great artist but sometimes I think he does these sort of things for attention. I think since everything is not always about him, he feels he needs to always say something, just so that he can be noticed or remembered. He needs to just relax and sometimes let the spot light shine on others...