Girl Falls Into Sewer While Texting On Cell Phone

In the video below, you will learn of 15 year-old Alexa Longueira who falls into a sewer while texting on her cell phone. Imagine having the skills to walk and text at the same time. Can you do it?

Thanks to panties4275437 at YouTube for posting this video. Yes, that's the real username. Chris Wragge and the beautiful hotness known as Kristine Johnson bring you this news report for CBS Channel 2 of Staten Island.

According to this report, Alexa lost a shoe.

Now, I'm not the brightest bulb on a Lite-Brite set but even I'm going to see an open manhole cover. But, I ain't everybody. What do you think?

watch your step


The Hawg! said...

The city's in turmoil because a 15-year-old didn't watch where she was going? Seriously?

And she lost her shoe! Awwww...

VlogHog said...

Which is worse, the fact that she was walking with a friend and this happened, the fact that she was walking and texting at the same time, or that this news crew thinks the city is to blame?