Taco Bell Uses Real Beef Dammit!

In the second video below, you will see Craig Creed, CEO of Taco Bell, explain that Taco Bell uses real beef in their foods.  Why would he have to do this? A law firm in Alabama claims that the beef in Taco Bell isn't 100% and that it's oats, soy beans and some other stuff and that mixture reduces the beef content to 35%. (See the first video)

Creed now claims that the beef in Taco Bell is 88% beef and the kind of beef that you and I buy in the store which clears up nothing because many people have their doubt about store bought beef too.

How easy is it to sue someone?  How far will this lawsuit go? To the Supreme Court? Will God have to get involved?

Stay tuned and find out.

Thank to the Associated Press and Taco Bell for producing these videos and placing them on YouTube for a blogger to use.

100% BS

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