Candice Swanepoel Work Out Video

I admit I didn't watch the earlier Candice Swanepoel video that I posted before I posted it. Having seen it, it was kind of boring. To this end, I post this Candice Swanepoel video to make up for it. Oh, it's in German but you won't really even notice. Trust me. Again, this is in German but for most of my readers this will not make any difference at all.

Candice Swanepoel picked the right career.

we post boring videos sometimes but at least we admit and try to make up for it.

Thanks to the bright minds at Google and YouTube, I have posted more videos this month than I did all of last year. Why? Because of their SHARE buttons below the videos, I can blog at YouTube and instantly post it to my blog. Before I had to copy and paste an embed code from YouTube, Liveleak or wherever and place at my blog site and then publish it. I can't tell you how much better it is using the SHARE button.

candice swanepoel
"Oh, hello."

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