Steven Tyler on Future of Aerosmith & How He's Letting People See Who He...

From FoxNewsInsider: Brian Kilmeade's live in L.A. covering not only the finale, but everything American Idol. Before Wednesday's finale, he caught up with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler to talk about his band members' jealousy when he signed on to do Idol.

So, are things rocky with the hit-making band? Tyler says 'no.' "I love the band more than anything," he says. "But I didn't tell them what was going on early on because six months ago they were looking for another lead singer. So, touche. It's all good in the end ... My true heart is with the band."

Tyler also says he hopes that being on the show is way for fans around the world to get to know him in a deeper way. "People get to see who I really am, who my parents were proud of, who my kids love," says Tyler. "The world doesn't know what it takes to sustain a career for 40 years."

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