Rifftrax - X-Men: The Last Stand Sample

From Rifftrax: For some reason, San Francisco has become the go-to location for hack directors to set their abysmal movies. The mere sight of the Golden Gate Bridge or Lombard Street are enough to trigger unpleasant memories of Tommy Wiseau's ass. And as if to prove that the city's unique charms were no fluke, James Ngyuen broke out the coat hangers and did him one better with Birdemic.

But we venture to say that with X-Men:The Last Stand, director Brett Ratner has outdone both of those movies in terms of resources squandered and the resulting tonnage of raw suckitude.

Rifftrax is brought to you by the men behind Mystery Science Theater 3000. Well, not all of the guys behind MST3K, as geeks like to call, but some of the most important ones. Laugh and then laugh some more as they riff on X-Men 3 which I thought was as good as X-Men 2 which is too say that I didn't like it that much at all. Halle Berry and Ellen Page look good though, for all that's worth.


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