$34,000 Pnina Tornai Dress :Say Yes To The Dress

From TLC: Kelly's obsessed with a unique Pnina Tornai gown.

After I did some researching, I discovered that Pnina Tornai is a designer and...fuck it... who the hell pays $34,000 for a dress you only are going wear one time?

If you have the means, it your choice but good God.

I ain't no hater of rich people. Seriously, if you have the money I understand certain aspects of your life. If you pay $50,000 or more for a car, I get it, especially after all the pieces of shit cars that I have driven. A couple of million or more for a house? I understand. You want to live in nice neighborhood and comfortably.

$34,000 for a dress?  This is coming from a man who doesn't understand why people pay $250 for Nike sneakers.

Rant over.

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Anonymous said...

Plus, her new husband is a personal trainer, and her mom is a widow. Where'd they get the money for that? AND I feel really sorry for him, beause her extravagant ways aren't going to change...