Erica Kato Hot San Fran Weather Girl (KRON-4 California)

from KRON-4 in San Francisco: Erica Kato. Hot weather girl.

Dear KRON 4 producers:

When I watch your news clips, I watch with the intent of seeing people broadcast relevant news. Currently, you employ Erica Kato, Jacqueline Bennett and Janu Arasu among other talented broadcasters.

I assume you also employ make-up artists (I don't know their politically correct name) to make your broadcasters worthy of airtime or if you don't I assume the talent must take their valuable time to plaster on cosmetics.

The average median salary of a broadcaster in the USA is about $65,000 give or take a few dollars. Since this is television, I assume you want your paying your talent to be seen.

However, when I turn load up a KRON-4 clip, I see two temperature graphics, a stock market ticker, a top stories banner, a huge StormTracker 4 banner and a garishly colored digital map and one Erica Kato buried underneath all of this high tech crap.

For a weather segment, you need two elements, a map and a broadcaster.

That's it.


Erica Kato without graphics covering her.

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