Jacqueline Bennett Hot Weather Girl (KRON-TV)

from KRON4-TV in San Francisco: Introducing  Meteorologist Jacqueline Bennett the newest hot weather girl addition to VlogHog. Now she can retire happy knowing that she was once a post on one of the most popular blogs written by me.

Recently President Obama called newly elected California Attorney General Kamala Harris, "...by far the best looking attorney general in the country" and wasn't criticized. 

To be fair, he received some criticism but not the kind of scorn reserved for a male Republican if he had made that type of comment.

Some say that women should be recognized for their achievements not their looks and I used to agree but since the President hasn't been called on the carpet by a posse of women rights groups for his remarks, I'm not holding back.

Jacqueline Bennett is hot and works at the same station as another hot weather girl Janu Arasu

Time to go to Indeed.Com to see if KRON4-TV is hiring. Every news station could use an extra janitor.


Jacqueline Bennett

Jacqueline Bennett

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Anonymous said...

i hope she is still with 4 not repeat not that annie she is horrible