Amber Hardwick Hot Weather Girl (WLFI-TV) #WLFI

from WLFI-TV in Lafayette, Indiana: Introducing Amber Hardwick. The latest Hot Weather Girl on VlogHog. College does pay off.

This video had no views when I watched despite being posted for hours. In fact, most of there recently posted videos have no views. That's hard to do.This blog gets over 300 page views a day by accident. Really it does.

What kind of half-assed operation are they running at WLFI-TV? Do they pay someone to post videos that get no views? I could do it for half the price they are charging. Please?

Returning to topic, Ms. Hardwick is the weekend meteorologist for WLFI and is an alumni from Ball State like late night talk show host David Letterman,Michigan Wolverines head football coach Brady Hoke and lots of other graduates who do far more important things.

And that's all I feel like typing. Go Google the rest.


Amber Hardwick

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