Man Curses Cop and Reporter After Getting Ticket (KRON-4) #SanFrancisco #cops

from KRON 4 in San Francisco(which is in California BTW): Man in Elmo tee shirt curses cop and reporter after getting ticket for riding in carpool lane alone.

Apparently, riding in the sacred carpool lane alone nets you a $500 ticket in San Francisco. Lighten up, California.

While I don't support this dude riding in a carpool lane without passengers(couldn't he gotten some blow up dolls? It is San Fransisco after all), I also don't like it when a TV reporter shoves a camera and microphone in the dude's face to get his reaction. Well, you got it. 

Reporters getting attacked physically, I don't endorse but sometimes they are asking for it verbally.

What do you think? Fair or foul? Coke or Pepsi? Big Mac or Whopper? Leave your comments in the comments section and then share this post with your law breaking friends and family on social media and then go troll your cities' carpool lane alone in protest or with some blow up dolls. It's all good.

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