Red Hair Girl Dances Like Michael Jackson At Wedding 2007

This is why the Internet will never die. This clip features a red headed girl dancing to Michael Jackson's song "Beat It" (1983) from the album Thriller. I think this was filmed in 2007. Does it matter? Making an ass out of yourself in public is timeless.

Who am I kidding? I'm just going bite her moves away.

As you now know, Michael Jackson(1958-2009) recently passed from cardiac arrest. All that needs to be said about his music legacy is that Thriller (1982) has sold over 50 million copies worldwide. To compare, if a CD goes platinum, for the most part, it is considered a huge success. Platinum is over 1,000,000 copies sold. Thriller did that 50 times over and continues to sell hundreds of thousands units worldwide today. Put it this way, the sales of Thriller gave Michael Jackson enough money to buy the a large portion of the Beatles song catalog in 1985 for 47 million dollars. If you tried to buy the Beatles catalog today, your looking at 200 million or more dollars. Way more.

Jackson wasn't a niche artist. In his prime and afterwards, he appealed to the world. Everybody. You don't sell over 50 million copies of an album to one group of people. This was intentional. He wanted to entertain everybody. He wanted mass appeal. He wanted Thriller to be the biggest selling album ever while it was being recorded. For better or worse, he achieved his goal.

His music will be missed.


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