Repo Men Making A Killing During Recession

There are a lot of recession proof jobs: bill collector, soup kitchen worker and now repo man.

In the video below, you will ride along with a repo man, a person who repossesses vehicles from people behind in payments, in Atlanta and learn that business is booming.

Thanks to CBS for posting this video.

Hey, don't feel too bad for these people. You get to reap the benefits as the vehicles repossessed are sold at auction to dealers and then to people like you and me at a discount.

We all win.

You buy that?

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1 comment :

VlogHog said...

I'm not an expert on repossesion but I do know this. Car dealers try to avoid taking your car back. Why?

First, they have to find the vehicle. That costs money if you're hiding it.

Second, after they find the car, it might be broken and guess who has to fix it. Not you.

Third, if they find it, they have to resell it and if the dealer is honest, sell it at a lower price.

More than likely, you can call and make arrangements to get you loan up to date.

But, don't take my word for anything, I'm just a blogger.