Miley Cyrus Racy Pictures On Twitter?

Miley Cyrus, 16 and a half, recently had pictures that some consider too sexy for a 16 year-old to expose. The Last Song director, Adam Shankman (I never heard of him either), posted these alleged racy pictures on his Twitter account.

Thanks to CelebTV for posting this video at YouTube. You will the pictures that are causing the stir up.

Not that long ago, Jamie Fox, star of Ray and Miami Vice, got into a lot of hot water for comments about Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana which included telling her to go make a sex tape. Not long after, he was raked over the coals like ribs on the Fourth of July. Will little unknown director (at least to me) Adam Shankman get the same media beatdown for these alleged racy pictures?

Stay tuned.


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