Major Cities Try To Ban Sagging Baggy Pants

Believe me, there are more important problems than folks who wear saggy baggy pants in Atlanta; such as bad traffic, low performing schools and the Atlanta Hawks.

As a former resident of the city, I ain't speaking out of school. Every major city has bigger problems than saggy baggy pants but this is not stopping the Atlanta City Council from considering a ban on saggy baggy pants. Offenders would get a fine or a caning. I'm ain't sure.

Forget the drug problems, the carjackings or the apartment buildings that go up in flames every other week, saggy pants are tearing Atlanta apart.

Well, if baggy lowriding pants is a major campaign issue , I have some other things that city councils around the America should consider banning.

1. Employees who wear tongue studs--- I'm talking about those who work at places like McDonald's and try to take your order sounding like they have the mumps.

2. "People" who put on make-up while they drive. Yeah, I know that a lot of states have banned talking on cell phones while driving but a bigger danger is "people" who put make-up on when driving. When I say "people", you know who I'm talkin' bout.

3. Men who say "we" played a good game when their favorite team wins. The first time someone says this, it should be a fine. The second infraction should be a severe beatdown.

See, I can be just as frivolous as an elected official.

Saggy Pants Ban Ruled Unconstitutional in Florida

Ridin' High

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Steven said...

I was watching an episode of Dr. Phil about this. They had people on the show to discuss it. Here's some stuff from a guy that even wrote a rap about this: