Woman Given Ticket For Parking In Her Driveway

The Kansas City government doesn't want you walking in the streets. You might get hurt and stuff. To help lessen this danger, Kansas City Police can now ticket you if your car blocks the sidewalk. Even if the sidewalk goes through your driveway.

So, forget the meth problems, car jackings, and the Chiefs, the local Kansas City government is tackling real issues, folks.

Thanks to KMBC-TV, YouTube and God for this video. The fine for parking in your own driveway is $40.00.

No parking on the dancefloor


Jacquelyn said...

wow, that is really crazy. Go figure. gotta love government

Chris said...

She didn't get a ticket for parking in her driveway. She got a ticket for blocking the sidewalk.

Big difference. Take it from somebody who does a lot of walking to and from the bus stop. Cars blocking the sidewalk, especially on garbage day when the cans are lined up at the curb, are a real nuisance.

wblmom said...

I so hear where you are coming. Like you basically said, I guess this is more important than the other issues out there, OR NOT!
Thanks for sharing this video.