Rifftrax - The Devil's Hand Sample!

From Rifftrax: There are some things in life that you'll do without a second thought. Lend a friend a quarter. Help an elderly woman across the street. And if you're like the lead character in The Devil's Hand, join a satanic cult to sacrifice your fellow humans in the name of The Great Devil God Gamba.
Yes, when he encounters the owner of a mysterious doll shop, Rick Turner turns his back on his friends and family to embrace a life of voodoo in the name of the author of all lies. But to his credit, there wasn't anything good on TV that night.
Once signing up for the cult, Rick is drawn into a sinister web of chanting and plodding drumbeats that make Meg White look like John Bonham. Will voodoo executions follow? They will! Will the victims relish the sweet embrace of death as a way to escape the incessant drumming? Probably! Should you immediately download this RiffTrax? The Great Devil God Gamba* commands** it!

Go buy a Rifftrax. No, I don't get any money if you do. Well, I could I joined their affliate program but that requires a blog that has readers.


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