Cristina Blackwell Hot Weather Girl (Despierta America)

from Despierta America: Introducing Cristina Blackwell the latest hot weather girl to be added to the growing list of beauties. One day she'll be able to tell her grand kids that she was once on a blog where about 200 people visit a day. I wish I could be there to she the light of pride in their eyes when she tells that story.

As usual, I have no idea of what she is saying  and don't really care. 

Cristina Blackwell no longer works for Depierta America but don't worry, I'm sure she'll find employment somewhere else. She has a lot of talent.

Remember, it's okay now to talk about a professional woman's good looks. The President did and was barely criticized by feminist and the press.

So congrats to Cristina Blackwell for being supernova hot.

Cristina Blackwell



real_Women-unite said...

Is your blog nothing but "hot" weather "girls?" First, they are not girls but professional WOMEN who need to be respected for their accomplishments and not their looks.

fembot_3000 said...

Cristina STANK-well