The Best of Mike Rice Former Rutgers Basketball Coach (ESPN)

from ESPN: Outside the Lines has obtained practice video that shows Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice berating, pushing and using slurs against players. John Barr has more on the tape and the reaction of a former Scarlet Knights assistant.

Man. If Rutgers had kept Coach Rice, think of all the posts I could of gotten from it. Oh, well. 

Yelling at players is common in practice. Even getting a little physical. After all, despite what some say, if you're in college, you're a man. A young man but still a man.

Throwing basketballs at player's heads, kicking them in the ass, punching them in the gut is crossing the line.

This coach is off his rocker.

Don't doubt me. Someone in a prominent position will defend his actions and I will post that too. If Rice had won a national title at Rutgers, students would be rioting now like they did when Joe Paterno was fired from Penn State.

only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air

"You calling me crazy, mother******?"

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