Janu Arasu Hot Weather Girl In Red (KRON 4-TV)

from Kron4TV in San Francisco: Janu Arasu gives another weather report in her usual sexy style. One day she will look back on her life and remember the day the she was a feature on VlogHog, the 2 millionth most "popular" blog in the world, and smile.

If you're feeling guilty about admiring the outstanding looks of Janu (I don't know what kind of man you would be), don't worry President Obama recently said that California State District Attorney Kamala Harris was, "The best looking attorney general in the universe" or something like that and wasn't criticized.

Well to be honest, he was lightly criticized but not the kind of criticism Mitt Romney would have got if he said it.

So, the next time one of you guys compliment a hot professional woman and she feigns disapproval, just say you vote Democrat and everything is cool.

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Janu Arasu


Anonymous said...

I only KRon 4 for her!

fembot__3000 said...

OMG...you are so digusting. Posting a clip of a professional woman and calling her 'hot'? Grow up. you must be like one of those overaged men hanging out at clubs trying to pick up women who outclass you by a million.

Can't you admire her for her accomplishments? Do all women have to objectified?

Anthony Lloyd said...

No, all women do NOT have to be objectified. Especially the ugly ones.