3 Year-Old Girl Nearly Falls Off 150 Foot Cliff

Children aren't little adults. They're kids. Remember when you were a kid and all the energy you had? Remember how you could play all day long? Remember how you never wanted to go to sleep? Kids are a bundle of energy like Electro. Keep your eyes on them at all times. The mother in this video will watch her kids like the IRS from now on.

In the video below, a 3-year old named Alaina nearly falls off a 150 ft cliff in Oregon. By the grace of God and the quick thinking of her cousin, her life is saved.

This video posted at LiveLeak by komakazzi and is from a news report from KATU in Portland, Oregon.

Be careful out there.


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patrick said...

This is so crazy looking, especially hearing the tone of the mother's voice when she sees what came so close to happening