Pia Toscano's American Idol Elimination Spurs Backlash

From E! News: Pia's "Idol" Elimination Spurs Backlash Jennifer Lopez and others are speaking out about the surprising elimination of "Idol" frontrunner Pia Toscano! Listen in.

Will America survive? Will Earth survive? Will the universe go on!!! That's three exclamation points, so that last sentence I typed was SERIOUS.

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Pia Toscano will be alright. She'll probably get more attention this way than if she won. How can I say that? Quickly, who won American Idol two years ago?

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Atlanta Roofing said...

Though I hope Pia the best, I think that if she goes the pop route and does a Teenage Dream or grenade two songs she sang really well sort of song she can have some real success. Please if this does happen don't release a ballad.