Janu Arasu Hot Weather Girl (KRON-TV)


From KRON-TV in San Francisco: The erudite and creative Janu Arasu.

You may ask: "Don't you even get tired of posting videos of hot weather girls?" The answer, my friend, is no.

That's like asking me if I'm tired of breathing. And despite this blog's lack of success, I still want to live.

According to her Linked In profile, Arsau is Co-Owner and a designer at Ri Couture in San Francisco. Why mention this? I needed something to fill in some space on this post. Mission accomplished.

Alright here is a little more about Ri Couture. According to the company's website, Ri Couture is committed to  "designing eco-friendly fashions by using amazing recycled silks with detailed hand stitched embroidery.".

Further research shows that some vegans don't like eco-friendly silks because the silk fibers are made from worm (silk worms) and to get to the fiber the silk worm are thrown into a vast of hot water after silk is made. Hey, I read it in an article here. Plus, if you want to see some boiled silkworms go here and fast forward to the 1:38 mark. 

So, Ms. Arsau, there is always someone pissed off about something.

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Janu Arasu

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