Kait Parker Hot Florida Weather Girl (NBC)

from WPTV NBC West Palm Beach Florida: Weather reports with Kait Parker.

According to the Internets(and the Internets is never ever wrong), Ms. Parker will be taking her talents from WPTV to The Weather Channel on January 13, 2014. Set your DVRs to stunning.

You know it's gets boring reporting on other people's success. For once, I would like to post a successful story about this blog. Just one time.

And going from the 17th million most popular blog to the 4 millionth just doesn't cut it.

Anyways. Congratulations to Kait Parker for a successful career and good luck dealing with Al Roker everyday and watch out for Matt Lauer.

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Kait Parker

Kait Parker at work

Kait not Kate

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hot__99e said...

Any bikini pic of Kait Parker?