Feel Free To Comment On VlogHog

Leaving comments on this blog is encouraged. Feel free to use the Post a Comment feature at the bottom of all posts. To all who have commented, thank you. Without visitors, doing a daily blog is pointless.

There are some rules to commenting on VlogHog.

1. I moderate all comments. Commenting isn't automatic. I have to approve them.

2. Your comment must be relevant to the post.

3. It has to be in English.

4. It has to make sense.

5. Complete sentences. No "Wow" or "I agree" comments. Although, if you have commented before and I have approved it, chances are you can get away with the one word comment.

Do you have to post positive comments? No.

Can I link back to my blog? Yes, if it's relevant to the post or you link to VlogHog or you leave a good comment and want to leave a link.

Can you ask questions in your comments? Yes. I may not have an answer.

How long can it be? Well, keep it short and to the point. Anything over 100 words, I'll consider too long. But, if it's a great comment, I'll let it go.

Where does the comment appear? The comment doesn't appear on the front page of the blog but on the individual post page. For example, the comments for Man Claims To Have Eaten 23,000 Big Macs appeared on the individual post page not the front page. I'm working on finding a widget that shows all comments in the sidebar of the front page.

So, feel free to comment. Agree. Disagree. Hate. Love. Ask a question. Rant. The more people comment, the more I know that this blog is heading in the right direction or if the comments are negative, the wrong direction.

Anthony Lloyd


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Brad said...

Putting guidelines on the thoughts of your users is probably a bad idea.