Girl Shoots Bottle Rocket Out Of Her Mouth

Happy Independence Day.

This is why Al Gore invented the Internet. News? No. Google Maps? No. Porn? Maybe. The correct answer is this video featuring a girl shooting a bottle rocket out of her mouth.

This is not a fake. If it is, it's a damn good one. The girl in this video actually shoots a bottle rocket out of her mouth and then has the nerve to film it. Not that I'm complaining. This is marriage material for some men.

The video was posted at LiveLeak by Fuqitol .

Now, being of sound mind, I know what some of you are thinking, "Aren't you irresponsible for posting a link to this?" " Why show this when it might make other kids do the same?" and, "Don't you have a real job?"

Happy Fourth of July

What Is Vlog Hog Part Two.



Wiggy said...

Errmmm What the hell!

Grey Fuzz said...

Why? Why do people insist on doing stupid things? I did some foolish things as a kid, anyone under 25 is now a kid to me, I said foolish not STUPID, foolish things moderated with a little common sense and nobody gets hurt. Perhaps if she'd burned her face up really good, or caught her hair and clothes on fire would teach a lesson best taught by Darwin.