News Reporter Laughs At Murder Suspect On-Air

The reporter sees the mug shot of the supected murderer and loses it during a live report. Hey, it happens. It gives me more material to use. On air personalites screwing up on live television is one of my favorite types of video to post.

Thanks to FailBlog for posting this video at YouTube.

You know the station issued an apology the next day.

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Eric said...

failblog.org is an awesome site lol thanks for the blog!

Silent_Majority said...

Ooops. Oh well. These reporters are human too. I at least makes them more credible, at least to me.

The Hawg! said...

Wow. Yes, reporters are human, indeed. Everyone has "one of those days," right.

Remember what got the fellow fired in "Anchorman?" At least this wasn't that severe...