Obama And The 16 Year Old Brazilian Girl Video

The picture to the right has the Internet all buzzing. It appears that President Obama stares at the ass of a 17 year-old Brazilian delegate named Mayora Taveras. I thought in the age of the Internet that people would wait until video evidence appeared. NO! Blogs around the world are naming this scandal something as tired as Bootygate.

In the video below, you will see the truth. Remember that? You will see that absolutely nothing happened.

Thanks to MSNBC for posting this video.

I thought this was 2009. In this age of Photoshop, do people still get hot over pictures? It could have been a fake. Without question, I would have waited for the video to appear. I did.



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MacBros said...

Werther he did or didn't. It makes him a kewel Prez IMO. We're only human. I have a hard time not looking like an old pervert with all these pretty ladies in the world.

But you have to admit, the media will blow anything out of proportion given the chance.