Sarah Palin Resigns As Governor Of Alaska

Today, July 3, 2009, Sarah Palin (R) resigned as Governor of Alaska. In the video below, she gives part of the reasons why. You won't have ole Palin to kick around anymore.

Thanks to Fox News for posting this video at YouTube.

Let this be known Republican women around the world. There is a double standard. You will be judged more harshly than your Democrat counterparts. It don't matter if you're a woman. You're a Republican and the press will rip you to pieces. In the recent presidential election, Joe Biden (D), our current vice-president made more gaffes than Obama, McCain and Palin combined. (Look through my archives to see how Biden videos I linked to) Still, large parts of the media was obsessed with destroying Palin. So if you're a Republican and a woman and want to achieve high success in office watch your weakside.

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