Sara Ramirez singing on GMA!

This is Sara Ramirez singing on Good Morning America. Are they really doing a Grey's Anatomy Musical episode? That ought to be good for a laugh or two. Can't wait for the clips of that to hit the Internet.

I can't imagine a musical version of House M.D., ER or CSI. But, in defense of Grey's Anatomy, the show is creating a lot of buzzzzzzzzzzzzz in the media. If it manages to get lames like me to watch when I never watched before, then the buzzzzzzzzzzzzz worked. Still, I ain't watching. It sounds silly.

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I've done a lot of thing to get buzzzzzzzzzzz for this blog: I walked coast to coast wearing a VlogHog tee shirt, I auditioned for American Idol with VlogHog tatooed on my forehead, I crashed a White House Dinner and did Da Butt with Michelle Obama. None of it worked. None.

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