Michele Koebke Wants The World's Smallest Waist

from Barcroft TV:  "Thin Michele Koebke has shrunk her small waist from 64 cm to just 40cm by wearing a corset EVERYDAY for THREE YEARS -- even wearing a corset to make her waist thin when she sleeps. The 24-year-old, from Berlin, Germany, says she aims to get down to a tiny 38 cm waist to be like her idol -- American Cathie Jung -- who currently has the record for the world's smallest waist. Single Michele believes she has the perfect feminine figure of having a really small waist - but it's come at a huge cost to her health."

I always thought this blog was the smallest waste.

Was this of type of attention seeking the norm before TV and the Internet with its Twitters, Facebook and such.


Michele Koebke

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