Erica Kato Hot Weather Girl (KRON)

from KRON Channel 4 in San Francisco: Meet Erica Kato.

KRON-TV is home to meteorologists Jacqueline Bennett and Janu Arasu.  San Francisco is fast becoming one my favorite cities if this is the type of talent it produces.

Erica Kato


Anonymous said...

Erika is the only reason I watch KRON 4 news in the morning. Superhottie!

kevincain said...

Erika is why I no longer watch kron, for a weather girl having to stand up and show her upper body. I cant figure out if she is wearing her girdle to hold that stomach in from day to day, but wow when she isn't dam roll city home girl looks like the Micheline man, roll after roll.

David Best said...

Kevincain you need to check out her fb page cause you don't know what you're talking about.
or maybe you're eyes are failing.