Santa Fe, New Mexico Minimum Wage Now $10.51

from KRQE in New Mexico:  "The minimum wage in Santa Fe is pretty high. In fact, it's the second highest in the nation after San Francisco. One group says it's time that others in the county saw an increase, too. Now, their momentum is picking up steam."

The business owner in this video says that we are in recession. So what is it? Are we in a slow recovery or a mild recession?

Santa Fe has the second highest minimum wage for a city in the United States next to San Francisco. If I'm wrong blame KRQE because that's what they reported.

According to Department of Labor(another government agency) , here are the top states with the highest minimum wage:

1. Washington $9.04
2.  Oregon $8.08
3.  Vermont $8.46
4.  Nevada  $8.25
5.  Connecticut  $8.25
6.   Illinois          $8.25

Remember the national minimum wage is $7.25 and many states have the power to raise or lower it.

Many economists say that raising the minimum wage will increase unemployment. So, keeping in mind that the national umemployment rate is currently 7.4%,  what is  the unemployment rates of the above mentioned states?

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rates are:

1. Washington 6.8 percent
2.  Oregon   7.9 percent
3.  Vermont  4.4 percent
4.  Nevada   9.6 percent
5.   Connecticut  8.1 percent
6.  Illnois            9.2 percent

This is not a scientific look. A lot of factors have been left out including population. This is only a look at two stats.  

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hellonwheels said...

The min. wage should be $25.00 an hour. Make it so!